Ryan Fleury


The following is a collection of dives into game engine technology, programming philosophy, personal experiences in game development, rants, and other random things.

Hi, I'm Ryan! I've been working with software since I was about 6 years old when my older brother introduced me to QBasic and RPG Maker event scripting. I'm currently a junior studying computer science at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Around age 11, I started learning C++ and was soon developing games with it. In late high school and early college, I became active in Handmade Network and became more experienced in lower level C programming, which is what I spend most of my free time doing. Quite recently, I became the team lead at Handmade Network to help promote better software development.

I love to develop games, but I've developed a passion for software development in general. I find interest in a wide range of problems (software architecture, graphics, physics, user-interfaces, networking, etc.). This is, in fact, why I love games; they're a good way to deal with many of those topics at once!

Apart from software, I love to play and compose music; I've played drums since I was 8 years old, and began singing and playing piano in high school. I'm from Colorado, and I find enjoyment in several stereotypical Colorado activities, like hiking or skiing.

The Melodist

The Melodist is a 2D sidescroller game that takes place in a world of music. The player can explore the mysteries and secrets of a world in which music and the physical world are intertwined.

The game's development is being documented with a YouTube devlog series.

rf C/C++ Single-Header Libraries

rf is a collection of single-header libraries I've developed for C and C-style C++. They add some features that make writing in C easier, especially for smaller programs. They're built around the following principles: User control, minimal dependencies, little-to-no allocation, simplicity, and ease of integration.

The libraries can be found here.

Plane Crawler

Plane Crawler is a project I worked on with a friend for a game design class in university. The class was based around Unity usage, but we decided to write this game from (almost) scratch in C-style C++. It's a wizard-themed, old-style first-person shooter in which the player conquers procedurally generated dungeons for loot and glory.

Plane Crawler Demo Video
Plane Crawler Source Code

Jelly Boy

Jelly Boy is a game completed in 24 hours for a hackathon. It was written in C-style C++ with few dependencies. It is a 2D puzzle game in which the player is a jelly that must eat every other jelly in the level in order to continue, but grows larger with every bite.

Jelly Boy Demo Video